Self Trading

Self trading is not possible when trading on Everstrike. If your order matches with one of your own orders, it will be automatically cancelled.

We do this to combat market manipulation and wash trading. We realize that it may limit the scope of certain legitimate trading strategies, such as "scratching".

Trading Range

In addition to the above, a Trading Range is applied for each trading pair.

Trading can only take place within this range.

The Trading Range is determined internally, by the Everstrike Risk Management System. In most cases, it will be fixed at a constant percentage around the Mark Price.

Limit buy orders whose price exceeds the upper limit of the Trading Range will be automatically cancelled. The same is true for limit sell orders that are below the lower limit of the Trading Range.

It is not possible for a market order to generate fills outside the Trading Range. If a part of it cannot be filled within the Trading Range, that part will be automatically cancelled.

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