Everstrike Bonuses: Terms and Conditions

  1. Everstrike Bonuses can be used as margin for contract trading and to pay trading fees. Everstrike Bonuses cannot be used for spot trading, and cannot be withdrawn.

  2. Abusing the Everstrike Bonus system by claiming the Everstrike Bonuses with multiple accounts is strictly prohibited, and will result in immediate termination of all associated accounts.

  3. Everstrike reserves the right to disqualify any Everstrike Bonus participants who engage in fraudulent or abusive behavior such as the farming of bonuses with multiple accounts, using fake Twitter accounts, or claiming a Funding Bonus and immediately withdrawing everything after receiving it.

  4. The Everstrike Sign Up Bonus may not be available to people who share the same household. In case multiple people from the same household claim the Everstrike Sign Up Bonus, only one of them will receive it. The other people in the household may still claim the Everstrike Social Bonus, and the Everstrike Funding Bonuses.

  5. Not all Twitter accounts are eligible for the Everstrike Social Bonus. See the eligibility requirements here.

  6. The Everstrike Sign Up Bonus and the Everstrike Social Bonus expire after 30 days. Participants can make the bonuses perpetual by funding their account within 30 days of receiving them.

  7. Everstrike reserves the right of final interpretation of all terms and conditions.

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